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pet sleeping on blanket fresh out of the laundry with furzapper

Pet Hair Everywhere and How I Manage It with FurZapper

Like many others, I always head straight to the review section or see how many stars an item has before going through with my purchase. The FurZapper has a lot of mixed reviews, so I was kind of skeptical and hesitant to make my purchase. I have two Newfie dogs and a Chihuahua (who actually sheds more than the Newfies combined!) so I definitely needed to give the FurZapper a try! I only purchased one package, which includes two FurZappers; FYI, they do recommend using 4 FurZappers for larger laundry cycles.

Okay, so let’s jump into this review!

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furzapper pet hair remover for laundry and clothing

When I opened the package the FurZappers actually made me giggle and feel like I had a kid’s toy as they are very sticky feeling. I got right to it and tossed both of them in my washer with the laundry, specifically adding two of my “problem” shirts that I can NEVER get the fuzzies off without using 10 lint roller sheets! When I pulled the laundry out, I could definitely tell it helped on my regular shirts, but the “problem” shirts still were a little iffy. I moved everything over to the dryer and let the cycle begin again. Once I took everything out of the dryer I was impressed with the majority of the hair clumps actually making it into the lint trap instead of sticking to my clothes. Even though the other shirts came out great, I still had a little bit of an issue with my “problem” shirts. At this point, I took everything out of the dryer and ran it again with only the two shirts I was having an issue with and they came out great. So my recommendation would be if you have a very stubborn shirt or pants, maybe wash them with only one or two other clothing items so they get that special attention from the FurZappers.

Another thing I wanted to touch on, is that the product description on Amazon says not to use fabric softener when using these. Honestly, when I used fabric softener it actually worked better for me. So maybe it was the type of fabrics – I simply do not know, I’m just telling you what worked for me.

The FurZappers are super easy to clean, just run them under some water and the fur comes right off. I would also recommend using a washcloth or something so it doesn’t rinse off down the sink or anything.

Overall, I would without hesitation give this a 10/10. Just be patient and see what works for you with how many clothes, what type of fabrics, etc. that you use with the FurZappers. Since I have three dogs, two of them very large dogs, I will definitely be ordering a second pack of them.

Again, if you are interested in checking out this item you can click here.

What tips and tricks have you tried to get pet fur out of your clothing? I’d love to try any suggestions you have personally tried. Let me know below!

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